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X-CTU (XCTU) software

10/17/2014 - Knowledge Base Article

"Modem Configuration file not found" error seen when using XCTU or XCTU-NG

10/8/2014 - "Modem Configuration file not found" error seen when using XCTU or XCTU-NG

Can Digi's XBee ZB modules communicate with other manufacturer's zigbee modules?

6/15/2015 - Knowledge Base Article

Convert SPKG interface board from RS-232 to RS-485/422

6/9/2015 - Knowledge Base Article

Digi PKG Troubleshooting Questions

2/4/2016 - Knowledge Base Article

Digital and analog sampling using XBee radios

6/1/2015 - Generating and interpreting digital and analog sample data using XBee radios.

Example: XBee Gateway with Sensor Device, Cloud Reporting and Notification Configuration

3/18/2016 - Knowledge Base Article

Functions of the Digi ethernet radio

10/15/2014 - Knowledge Base Article

How many single frequency channels (networks) are available on an XCite radio network?

10/20/2014 - Knowledge Base Article

How to Change the SMS International Long Code on Digi Transport WR (SarOS)

- Instructions for Changing SMS Long Code on Digi Transport WR (SarOS) Devices

How to complete a loopback or range test with the Digi XTend Radio

2/6/2015 - Knowledge Base Article

How to connect an XTend/XStream to an SMA Inverter and WebBox

5/15/2015 - Cabling diagram for connecting an XTend or XStream radio to SMA inverters and webbox.

How to convert an XBee PRO 900 HP to an XBee PRO XSC

8/15/2016 - Knowledge Base Article

How to Identify and Recover a Programmable XBee

4/28/2016 - Knowledge Base Article

How to Run a range test with the 9Xtend and XCTU 6x

8/2/2016 - How to run a range test with XCTU ver. 6.x.x and the 9xtend or other legacy products.

How to update firmware in modules

10/17/2014 - Knowledge Base Article

How to updgrade a radios firmware using XCTU-NG

9/2/2016 - This is a how to article on upgrading firmware in the next generation of XCTU

HOW TO: Configure the DD parameter (Device Type Identifier) of a Digi XBee or XBee-PRO

10/21/2014 - Knowledge Base Article

HOW TO: Install XCTU in Linux

6/15/2015 - Knowledge Base Article

Interact with Programmable XBee using the legacy version of XCTU

10/1/2014 - Your programmable XBee needs to be put into bypass mode before the XCTU can talk to the Ember radio on the module. Programmable XBees have two processors, a Freescale processor which can be programmed with the CodeWarrior compiler and they also have the Ember chip for RF. The Freescale processor is

Location of the reset line on an XStick

10/9/2014 - How to reset an XStick

Manually Updating X-CTU Firmware Library

1/17/2017 - X-CTU uses a firmware library to interact with Digi International radio modules. This library consists of multiple file types including .mxi files. These files hold the data that tells X-CTU what parameters are relevant for each radio type as well as their value ranges. There are times when the

Process for Commissioning an XBee cellular module with a Verizon SIM card from Digi International

- How to Provision an XBee cellular module for the first time.

Range Testing with a ZigBee Mesh Network

2/2/2016 - Zigbee range test

Reading binary commands using PC comm port and Windows OS on XStream radio modems

10/17/2014 - Knowledge Base Article