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"A failure occurred reading an object" error with Symantec Backup Exec software

10/14/2014 - Knowledge Base Article

"Access Denied" error in Windows 2000 after running DGClean.cmd

6/9/2015 - Knowledge Base Article

"Import Error: No module named zigbee" while executing python program on CP-X gateways

10/8/2014 - Knowledge Base Article

"Modem Configuration file not found" error seen when using XCTU or XCTU-NG

10/8/2014 - Knowledge Base Article

"Wait Confirmation failed" in Windows 2000 Event Viewer

10/20/2014 - Knowledge Base Article

"Windows could not load the installer for IonMultiPortSerial" Edgeport installation error

10/14/2014 - Knowledge Base Article

'XXEVENT Failure' Error Seen When Using AccelePort Products in SCO OpenServer

11/13/2014 - Original kbid=309

10-pin RJ45 serial port pinout for the AnywhereUSB TS44

10/29/2014 - Knowledge Base Article

3 repeater configurations

2/3/2016 - Knowledge Base Article

5V interface and the XBee

9/14/2016 - Can the Digi XBee module support 5V on any of its Pins?

802.11b Interference with Digi 24XStream Radios

10/17/2014 - Knowledge Base Article

802.11g WiFi (2.4GHz) vs. XPress Ethernet Bridge (900MHz)

10/13/2014 - 802.11 vs the Xpress Ethernet Bridge

802.15.4 and ZigBee

10/13/2014 - 802.15.4 and Zigbee basics.

9Xtend - B Product Manual

3/31/2016 - Product Manual for the second generation of the 9xtend.

A value of 281474976710655 is shown as a reading from the ERT meter

2/23/2016 - Knowledge Base Article

About AwConsole CLI command-line AnywhereUSB configuration utility

5/5/2015 - Knowledge Base Article

About software enhanced 1280x960 resolution listed in the Watchport USB camera specs

10/15/2014 - Knowledge Base Article

AccelePort RAS 4/8 ports with Lotus Notes

10/20/2014 - Knowledge Base Article

AccelePort RAS and AccelePort Xp Source RPM Installation in RedHat

2/23/2016 - Knowledge Base Article

Access historical data of the same type from multiple devices

8/19/2016 - Knowledge Base Article

Adaptors for Host Serial Connections

10/15/2014 - Knowledge Base Article

Adding a Digi Device to the Digi Device Cloud Platform

4/26/2016 - Knowledge Base Article

Adding an XEM module to the Digi PortServer II in Windows 2000

10/21/2014 - Adding an XEM module to the Digi PortServer II in Windows 2000

Adding Digi Device to a Laptop with no serial ports in Windows 2000

6/9/2015 - Knowledge Base Article

Adding RSS Feeds into Microsoft Outlook

- Adding RSS Feeds into Microsoft Outlook